Our Impact

At Epic F.I.T. Network, we are excited to be able to use our business to make a bigger impact. We want every member to know that by choosing to join us in our network, not only are you going to get access to an amazing group of people and incredible connections, you are also helping us make a bigger difference in the world! All 3 of us founders are passionate about supporting something different and we wanted to share why with you!

What our founders are passionate about supporting:

Justin Breen


Supporting The Wildlife Foundation is a critical aspect of my life. The foundation will impact our greatest gift – the environment – and the plants and animals who thrive within it. The foundation will change the world and create spaces of beautiful, abundant nature and save some of our rarest, most precious species.

Charity of Choice: www.wildlifefoundation.org

Mark Fujiwara


I have struggled with mental health and suicidal ideation from the time I can remember. Things got worse when my little brother, favorite cousin Carson took his own life when I was 21.

For most of my life, I kept it inside fearing being judged and the stigma of mental illness. When I finally started telling people several years ago, I was liberated. Not only was this an incredible modality for me, but it also allowed others to share and be vulnerable with me. Allowing another human being to open up and be vulnerable about their mental health struggles could literally save a life. I know because that is what saved mine.

Charity of Choice: www.Twloha.com

Sarah Breen

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah; As a general pediatrician and mom of two amazing sons, I am incredibly passionate about children’s mental and physical health.

I strongly feel that these two are inseparable and should be prioritized. I am honored to be able to contribute to these amazing kids in an effort to improve their futures.

Charity of Choice: www.1616.org

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