Epic F.I.T. Network is the premier platform to connect with world-changing visionary entrepreneurs… just like you.


This is next-level networking expertly designed & ONLY for our exclusive cohort of high-caliber leaders.

Because you want to collaborate with people who are an exact-fit. And you don’t have time to waste.

Epic F.I.T. Network streamlines these relationships to make it simple and easy for you to connect with the right people at the right time.

We monitor an extensive network of invite-only relationships among visionary entrepreneurs: We make these vital connections FOR you.

Why? We have a combined 60 years in the industry, so we understand that when you need something done, you need it done “right.”

In other words, you need it done in the absolute BEST way possible.

We connect you with like-minded visionaries from our exclusive, invite-only network.

Request your exclusive invitation to Epic F.I.T. Network today!

Epic F.I.T. Network is a yearly membership program designed exclusively for visionary world-changers.

Each month, we dive deep into one of twelve key points to building a Free Flow Life & Free Flow Office.

A Free Flow Life is about living out the most authentic version of yourself by maximizing your genuine energy, purpose, and potential. (Think: A monk-like mind engaging in the real world with the greatest level of productivity, profit, and work-life fulfillment.)

A Free Flow Office is about structuring your work-life in the same way: You gather with a tribe of high-vibe, high-alignment professionals and experts to achieve unbelievable and deeply fulfilling results – together!

Epic Experience Chicago

September 12th, 2024
We’re excited that the next Epic Experience for members will take place on September 12th at Chicago Yacht Club. It will feature amazing performer (and 9 quick start) Nick Roy …. It will be epic!!!

Your invite-only Epic F.I.T. Network membership includes…

Monthly Group Meeting

You’ll be invited to our virtual family-style Free Flow Office hours every month to dive deep with Justin & Mark and our exclusive network of service providers.

Yearly Group Meet-Ups

These in-person gatherings are ONLY open to Network Members, which means they’re high-vibe and aligned just for you.

1:1 Meetings with Justin or Mark (as needed)

You’ll receive exclusive direct access to our founders, because we’re here to support you in leveling up – authentically!

Epic F.I.T. Network Connections

The real kicker is that you receive epic global connections through Justin & Mark, PLUS your fellow Network Members of elite, high-alignment professionals – just like you!

Full Access to Membership Content (live & recorded)

You’ll get 12 months of masterclass modules that cover everything you need to know to live out your Free Flow Life and create your Free Flow Office.

You’ll learn how to implement a Free Flow Life & Free Flow Office in your life and work

with one-to-one and group support from Justin and Mark and other well-known and high-vibe speakers from around the globe!

Ready to level-up?